Marriage is a commitment, a joining of two people and two lives. But before you say “I Do” you must first say that to yourself. Getting married changes everything. People go from a “me” focused perspective to one that gives equal importance to another being.

We owe it to ourselves and to the person we will marry to experience as much life as we can. Take a break and fill your last days as a single woman with the fun things on this bridal bucket list before tying the knot.


Never underestimate the power of having strong female friends in your life. Treat yourselves to relaxing spas or go on road trips and holidays with them. Visit places where you mentally, physically and emotionally are detached from your partner and in the end see the strength you always had as an individual woman.

Connecting with friends will create a stronger bond which later in life you will appreciate and value more. Take advantage of your freedom and create memories with your girlfriends.


Get lost- metaphorically and literally to the various cultures of new places because the experience of travelling with a partner is different. Being alone will teach you a new level of confidence and help you develop strength when you are financially and emotionally independent.

Whether you already have a career or want to start a new hobby, having an outlet away from your fiancé to express and relieve tension will make you become a better partner.


Relationship experts agree that it can be tremendously helpful to go out on dates with other men during this period. By having a baseline of comparison, it will give you a point of reference concerning your future husband.

We often don’t know what we want until we experience everything. Don’t feel guilty as this will, in fact, make you miss your significant other more and value what you have with him.


While it’s important to figure out the power you possess being independent, it’s also vital to not neglect your significant other.  Remember to maintain a healthy relationship with clear communication all throughout the process of ‘being alone’.

The time is now for you to uphold and protect your commitment. As social media can be a great platform for sharing pictures, videos and details of one’s relationship, keep in mind that your bond with each other is more important and sacred.

Resist posting on Facebook/Instagram/twitter etc. instead, vent to a friend if you’re having difficulties with your partner or just share with loved ones pictures that need to be shown.

The aim of having a bridal bucket list is not to drift afar from your future husband. It is to remind you to fall in love with the life you lived for a couple of weeks. Remember that by following the pointers it will remind you of the capabilities and strength you have inside in order to be a better partner!

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