You’ve picked the venue, decided on the menu and even have the invitations ready to go. The next big step is picking out the perfect blooms.   


Its no secret that wedding planning can be stressful so it is important to remember that it is only one day in the adventure that is your life together. When it comes to the flowers, you can give yourself one less thing to worry about by looking into florists who can provide flower delivery in Birmingham or wherever you are tying the knot. Have the flowers come to you to give yourself one less thing to organise.  

Did you know that some of the most popular flowers used in weddings have secret meanings? The language of flowers was incredibly popular during Victorian times. Lovers would surreptitiously send each other coded messages through flower arrangements by carefully selecting specific types and colours of flowers.  

Hopefully courtship with your husband or wife to be was a little bit easier than deciphering bouquets! The legacy of this lovers’ secret code is a great place to turn too if you are looking for some inspiration when it comes to picking out the flowers for your big day.  


These gorgeous looking plants are a fairly new trend on the wedding flower scene. Making for an eye catching and unusual bouquet or centrepiece, their ever green qualities are well represented in their meaning of enduring and timeless love 


The tightly formed and plentiful petals of ranunculus have made them popular options for single variety bouquets. Aptly, the appearance of this gorgeous flower means your suitor is dazzled by you. On another note, if you are looking for petals to scatter down the aisle, by a cake or elsewheretaking apart some ranunculus can be a more cost effective option than roses.  

Calla Lilies 

With a chic silhouette and a beauty that stands alone, it is no surprise that calla lilies have long represented magnificence. If you fancy a minimalist look to your day, have you bridesmaids carry one or two of these gorgeous flowers with a touch of greenery for a sharp look.   


A favourite of Scottish brides and grooms. Heather is a lovely backdrop for boutonnieres. This hardy yet vibrantly coloured plant is famous for offering protection. It can also represent admiration and has even been thought of as a charm to make wishes come true.


Roses are a staple of the wedding flower scene. These classic blooms have long been synonymous with love and desire, especially the red varieties. If you are looking for sweet smelling flowers, consider garden roses to fill your venue with joy.    



These stunning flowers come in a myriad of colours. As fairly large flowers, they are also a great option for single stem bouquets too. Dahlias represent positive life changes making them the perfect option for wedding flowers.   

Ones that aren’t flowers at all 

Why not add an extra special touch to your bouquet? A small photograph of a loved one who passed away before the big day can be incorporated into your bouquet. Acting as heartfelt reminder of all those that have loved you.  Another idea is paper leaves or flowers that are printed with quotes or sentiments that are important to you. 


Most importantlythe flowers you pick should have some sort of special meaning to you. It could be a childhood favourite, something that grows near where the proposal took place or simply a variety that you love the look of.  

One word of advice though: Give butterfly weed and monkshood a miss. They mean ‘leave me’ and hatred, perhaps not what you want to convey on the big day! 

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